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By knitonesti22114751, Jul 9 2016 08:02PM

You just stitched the last stitch on your canvas, anchored and cut the thread and a great sense of accomplishment comes over you. You cannot wait to send the piece off to the finishers!

Not quite yet! Before putting the threads away, take a few minutes to "proof" your work. A magnifying glass makes easy work of this. Go inch by inch looking for missed stitches, stitches over two stitches rather than one, pet's hair entwined, etc. Hopefully, you only find one or two. If you spot many, We suggest you use straight pins to mark the errors, then thread needles with all the colors needed and the repairs will go quickly.

Now, take an honest look at the canvas, is it square, minimally out of shape or very askew? Blocking will reshape. However, if it is very askew it may not be perfect and be prepared for it to have an up charge on the blocking.

If you have a specific fabric in mind, bring it in with the piece. Our finishers can make choices for you, but the finisher having "the palest green right here in velvet" is unlikely. Silk, ultrasuade, velvet, etc are all upcharges. As are all ribbons and special trims.

We include cording on all ornaments, a zipper on all pillows. The finishers we use are all chosen for their specialties. At just over 800 square feet, we cannot finish in-house. The finishers are located within 10 miles of the shop, and in seven states. We use the finisher best suited to your project. If it needs to be shipped, we place in a plastic bag, then shipping container, and send it insured. The time required depends on who it is given to, the time of year and the condition of your piece.

Knit One Stitch Too takes pride in the quality of finishing offered, unique ideas and fair pricing.

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